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Tony Restall  


Mr FreeZone

The Team @ FreeZones.Co and Development Services International (DSI) brings together all the elements – The pieces of the business jigsaw that will enable you to establish, develop and grow your economic model.

• Bringing to the table over 40 Years of Senior Management Experience gained from working in some of the most successful Free Zone, Port Development and International Airport Operation Projects in the World.

• From Green Field sites to fully operational projects we will work with you as Consultants, Developers and Managers to ensure success.

FREEZONES.CO - The World's Leading Free Trade Zones Gurus. eMail us now:
This is what we do
 we have taken concepts to Green Sites - to Full Blown Highly Successful Free Trade Zones. Each time with that Country's Government as full Partners
Consultants to the Nigerian Government
Mr. Free Zone helped change Sharjah's Future
European Union Project 
What Governments Think
"We are not an Oil rich Country like Dubai"

Forty years ago Dubai received 97% of its GNP from its Oil revenues. Then the late Ruler of Dubai – His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum foresaw the problems of being a 'one product' Nation with falling Oil Reserves. He legislated the development of the Port of Jebel Ali and then the first modern, Free Trade Zone. Resulting today in Dubai  dependent on Oil for only  3% (three percent) of its GDP.  
One of our  FreeZone Directors was Sales Manager of the Project.

"We will lose Tax" 
How can you lose Tax on something you are not receiving now? 
We can show you both the Direct financial benefit to your Country and the verifiable, massive Indirect financial benefits.
Some of our projects
Tony Restall and his team at FREEZONES.CO have been the driving force behind some of the world's most successful FTZ and Ports.
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